The London Box Battles 2016 | Round 1 Movement Standards

WOD1 Part A –

Part A. Max output: Athletes choose the weight on the bar for each movement and aim to shift as much weight as possible

:60 STOH
:60 Rest
:60 Hang Power Cleans
:60 Rest
:60 Deadlift

The movement standards are: Athletes will load the bar with their selected STOH weight before the workout starts.  The workout will start with the bar on the floor, the athlete must clean the bar and then commence their STOH.

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Round 3 Dates and Format

Round 3:  Paired boxes to host round one weekend in November

Format: This will be an individual competition for Group A, B and C athletes

Athletes: Maximum of 30 athletes from each box

Who V Who

Battle Hosting Box Visiting Box(s)
Battle 1 CrossFit SE11 CrossFit Hammersmith
Battle 2 CrossFit City Road CrossFit 1971
Battle 3 CrossFit London CrossFit Evolving
Battle 4 CrossFit Central London CrossFit Bold
Battle 5 CrossFit Thames CrossFit Ivy
Battle 6 CrossFit Hackney Sunbury Performance CrossFit & CrossFit Vauxhall & Crossfit Gongfu
Battle 7 CrossFit Blackfriars CrossFit Perpetua

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Let the Battles Commencefinal_logo

With a successful round 1 out of the way we roll on to round 2.

Round 2:  Any weekend between July 18th – August 9th

Format: Same sex partner teams for Group A, Group B and Group C

Athletes: Maximum of 15 teams from each box (30athletes)





Battle Hosting Box Visiting Box(s)
Battle 1 CrossFit Perpetua  Sunbury Performance CrossFit
Battle 2 CrossFit Ivy CrossFit Blackfriars
Battle 3 CrossFit Thames CrossFit Hackney
Battle 4 CrossFit Bold CrossFit London
Battle 5 CrossFit Evolving CrossFit City Road
Battle 6 CrossFit Muswell Hill CrossFit Hammersmith
Battle 7 CrossFit Vauxhall CrossFit Central London
Battle 8 CrossFit 1971 CrossFit SE11

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final_logoAs the CrossFit Open comes to an end athletes across London will be looking for the next big event.  In 2015 we would like to welcome 16 London based CrossFit affiliates to the London Box Battles.  We have 10 returning affiliates from 2014 and we would like send a warm welcome to:

CrossFit Bold
CrossFit City Road
CrossFit Thames
CrossFit Muswell Hill
CrossFit Hammersmith

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The second round of The London Box Battles WODs have been decided.  Each individual athlete will be asked tom compete in 3 WODS over the course of the battle.

WOD 1 is designed for the stronger athletes to shine.  WOD 2 is a chance for the more skilful athletes to take some points.  WOD 3 is all about the engine and moving swiftly for 8minutes of breathlessness. Continue reading

Proudly Supported by inov-8

The first round of The London Box Battles has dawned, and many of our London based boxes are readying their army.  The first battle will commence on the weekend of April 5/6th 2014 and be hosted at numerous boxes across London.

The London Box Battles aims to encourages athletes of all abilities and fitness levels to take part.  Our goal is to promote a friendly competition that brings together a community of like minded people.  By publishing the workouts ahead of time the competitors will be prepared for battle (i.e have time to practice) Continue reading