London Box Battles 2018/19 Round 1 Team Registration

Team registration for Round 1 of the London Box Battles 2018/19 has now opened!

Round 1 Format: Mixed Teams, Category A, B, and C
Athletes: 2 Male, 2 Female per team

Team registration will close on Sunday 8th July, when the event workouts will be released. Boxes can host their in house qualifiers however best suits them and will have a two week window for their Teams to complete the workout and submit scores.
The deadline for scores submission will be Sunday 22nd July.

We all love CrossFit, and everyone should have the chance to compete in a regular CrossFit competition.  No matter if you are a competition veteran or a first-time competitor, Box Battles has a group for you:

The Categories:

A: The top CrossFit athletes from each box.  The guys and girls who fancy themselves as competitive athletes and who want to compete against the best London have to offer.
B: CrossFit athletes that are training for general health and fitness and don’t want to compete with the big guns.  Most of these athletes will have been doing CrossFit for over 12 months.  These WODs will be slightly scaled to suit the level of fitness.
C: First-time competitors or athletes that have been doing CrossFit for less than 12 months.  Again these WODs will be scaled to suit the level of fitness.

Note: It is the responsibility of each box to put each athlete in the most appropriate category for their skill and fitness levels.

  • Please try to find athletes for each group A, B and C.


Team registration is £60 per event (£15 per athlete) per event. Team members to remain the same throughout each round.
Team names MUST be entered in the following format:
[Affiliate Name] – [Team Name] e.g. Example CrossFit Box – Barbells
Team registrations are now open for round 1.  All teams can register here