London Box Battles 2018/19 – UPDATE

Thank you to everyone that has registered for the 2018/19 London Box Battles! We’ve received a great response from affiliates and some really helpful feedback.
We’ve taken all of your comments on board and made some further changes to the way the 2018/19 series will run.
– Athletes will now register and compete in teams of 4 (2 male, 2 female) within the A, B and C categories.
– Teams will compete in 3 qualifiers throughout July, October and January for a place in the final.
– Qualification heats will be held “in house” eliminating logistical travel issues and the administrative burden around arranging catering.
– The registration fee will be £60 per team, per event (£15 per athlete) with proceeds going towards the final.
– Teams will be able to register in the month leading up to each event with registration closing before each qualification round is released.
– Boxes will be given a two week window to host their in house qualifier and submit scores for their teams.
– The top 3 teams in each category will battle it out in the final in April/May for guaranteed prizes.
The changes to the format of the 2018/19 series mean that there is still time to register your affiliate. If logistical issues were a concern, now you can get involved!
Team registration will open later this week with Round 1 being released in the first couple of weeks of July.