he representative of each competing affiliate should also confirm that all scores have been successfully entered on the day of the event. Only the representatives have access to enter the scores into WODBuzz, athletes can not enter their own scores.  It is the responsibility of each individual athlete to make sure their scores are entered into the scoring system on the day of their battle

The scoring system is based on the best performing athletes from your box in each group. We decided not to use a mean score, as the number of competitors in each group from each box can be different.

The scoring system within each group is a typical CrossFit format. The winning athlete in each WOD scores 1 point the second place athlete is allocated 2 points and so on. The score from each WOD is added together to rank the athletes overall position. Is an athlete finishes 1st, 5th and 10th, their accumulative score is 16points.

Within each group (A, B, and C), each box will receive a rank that is determined by their highest scoring team/pair/individual. Only the highest scoring athlete points will count towards the ranking of the box. For example

Athlete 1 from CrossFit Hackney finished with 10points
Athlete 2 from CrossFit London finished with 11points
Athlete 3 from CrossFit Hackney finished with 14points
Athlete 4 from CrossFit P360 finished with 18points

CrossFit Hackney would get 1 point
CrossFit London would get 2 points
CrossFit P360 would get 3 points

As this is the order that the best performing athletes from each box finished in.

All boxes are ranked against each other in the respective groups. In the case that a box has failed to submit athletes into a group, they shall receive the joint lowest ranking. If more than one box fails to submit a team, they shall share the lowest ranking score.

The scores across all three groups are then added together to calculate the final ranking score for each box. For example:
Group A male: CrossFit Hackney finished 1st
Group A female: CrossFit Hackney finished 5th
Group B male: CrossFit Hackney finished 3rd
Group B female: CrossFit Hackney finished 10th
Group C male: CrossFit Hackney finished 1st
Group C female: CrossFit Hackney finished 4th

Overall score = 24 points

Also, the box that wins the final WOD is awarded a bonus point that is taken off the cumulative rank. From the example above, if CrossFit Hackney wins the final WOD their score will be 24 -1 = 23.
Where two box’s teams drew in cumulative ranking the box that achieved better ranking in the individual WODs compared to the other box comes first i.e. Team 1 beat team 2 in 2 out of 3 WODs